Mayor Ward
Mayor Judy M. Ward
Phone: 609-484-3603

Pleasantville City Hall

18 N. First St.
Pleasantville, NJ  08232
Phone: 609.484.3600
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We want to make sure you know firsthand the benefits of Pleasantville’s programs to provide for our economic development. We have taken the initiative to move our City into a time of economic sustainability that has become a model in New Jersey. It is because of our Vision, Planning, Policy making and Marketing that Pleasantville’s local economy can be sustained and even expanded.

Of the 565 municipalities in the state, only Pleasantville has a N.J. Urban Enterprise Zone, a N.J. Neighborhood Preservation Program, a U.S. Weed and Seed Neighborhood Revitalization Program and a N.J. Transit Village designation.

Most beneficial to all is the Pleasantville Urban Enterprise Zone, a state program that provides tax incentives and benefits to build our commercial and industrial properties. If you are a retail shopper, you can save 50% off the state sales tax by shopping at UEZ member businesses. If you are a business, you can enjoy tax incentives, low interest business loans, and other perks for being in the UEZ. The entire community benefits from the investment of those UEZ sales tax revenues into our commercial and industrial districts.

Over the past decade, millions of federal and state aid dollars have been directed to Pleasantville. The funds go to housing rehabilitation, road improvements, new utility infrastructure, street scapes, bike paths, a bus station, public safety and public sanitation programs, parks and even environmental cleanup projects.

City officials, business owners, community groups and individual residents are working together to keep alive the Vision of our future, from the Planning of our redevelopment objectives, to the Policy Making to enact the plans and to Marketing our ambitions to other public and private partners.

The future will be brighter for Pleasantville and its citizens as we work together through these recessionary times. New retail, light industrial and office building construction are either under construction or on the planning board agenda. New projects for rebuilding the downtown have been drafted. Better job opportunities for our youth will grow with this business expansion.

Our vision for tomorrow is clear and certain.  Your coming to Pleasantville will strengthen our partnership to insure the continuing success of the community. You can Feel the Energy in Pleasantville.

Please call on us whenever we may be of assistance and let me know how we are doing to make you proud of your decision to join our community.

Judy M. Ward