City Administrator

Linda D. Peyton is the City Administrator for the City of Pleasantville. Under Pleasantville's form of government, the City Administrator is the Chief Operation and Administrative Officer. The Mayor and City Council establish policies for operations within the City and it is the City Administrator's responsibility to execute all laws and ordinances established by the governing body.

The Administrator also has the responsibility of recommending municipal projects and improvements and executing those improvements as determined by the City Council. Under the direction of the Mayor, and with the assistance of the Department Heads, she supervises the administration of the City departments and prescribes rules and procedures for efficient and effective operation of the departments.

The Administrator must attend all meetings of the City Council and perform all other duties required of her by ordinance, resolution of the City Council and all matters necessary for the day-to-day operations of the City of Pleasantville.

The City Administrator is the initial contact for residents to comment on City issues and will make every effort to resolve any problems, concerns or suggestions you may have.

The Administration Department contacts are listed below:

Linda D. Peyton, Administrator
Kara Jeril, Administrative Secretary
Phone: 609-484-3603
Facsimile: 609-641-8642